Monday, September 1, 2014

::Image Maker::

A friend of mine who's an artistic creator told me about this interesting exhibition in Tokyo.
"Image Maker"
They were displaying all sorts of ads and images for fashion brands.

One of the artist who joined this exhibition was Noritaka Tateyama.
His shoes got famous when Lady Gaga wore them.

Shoes without heels.

These huge soles were inspired by Oiran, high status courtesans in Japanese history.

image of Oiran.

These are also his creations.

There are more interesting artworks by other creators.

Photo: 木奥恵三

At the end of tour, they had those Gaga shoes that we can try on.
Yes, why not try them on!

They were much lighter than I thought and
not so difficult to walk in.

Pls try it when you have a chance!

Thank you for reading.