Monday, August 25, 2014

::Something Old::

日本語ver. HERE

Japanese traditional haute-couture, Kimono.
The beautiful kimonos are supposed to be passed on to daughters from their mothers.
This is what I love about it.

Kimono looks really simple when you see someone wearing it,
but wearing it by yourself takes a lot of practice.
Kimonos usually don't have darts to express curves of your body.
It is like wrapping a bottle of wine with a piece of square paper.

I found this image online explaining the parts of kimono.
I've been taking lessons to learn how to wear it by myself,
and my grandmother and mother also learned it when they were at my age.

Since kimonos are such expensive dresses, 
I asked my mother if she has some that she won't wear anymore.
Treasure hunting begins :)

High class kimono (called Houmongi) wearable for weddings and formal parties.

Flowers drawn on smooth silk texture.

Obi that was made for this kimono.

Another gorgeous Obi for formal occasion.

Komon; semi-formal and casual kimono.

Obi with cranes.

I love this modern designed coat!

Oshim-tsumugi, this is made of super high-class texture.
Can't believe she hasn't worn this yet.
This is such cool motif.

Obi that reminds me of the beautiful sunset.

Another kimono with Asian pattern.

and.... more!

Thought kimonos can be more old-fashioned,
but actually it was not true.
I was so excited to see beautiful and gorgeous textures and patterns.
Lot of inspirations :)

Can't wait to wear them!

Thank you for reading.