Thursday, February 25, 2016

::Meaw Meaw::

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On 2nd Feb, we had a South African wine party at my friend's place.
This is a really fun party we have every month and I always look forward to joining them.
I posted a blog about it last year, click HERE if you are interested.

Food and wine were delicious as always. 
I brought a friend of mine who loves wine with me and he loved all the wines he tasted!

And February 2nd is a CAT DAY in Japan. (I think it is not an official thing tho... )
So I finally got a chance to wear a kimono with the "I LOVE CAT" obi.

There are two cutest cats at my friend's place.
Look how uninterested he looks when I'm holding him with a big smile! LOL

Kimono with the interesting modern pattern.

With I LOVE CAT obi I bought last month.

"Grrrrr!! What are you looking at?"

It's hard to see in this picture but the letters around my waist say "I LOVE CAT".

Cat tie :)
It was my first time doing this tie but it was so easy with the instruction paper which came with the obi.

Says "Meaw♡" on the bottom.

It was Monday, so I did a quick change at my work... 
It was raining a little bit so I wore booties instead of zouris.

Cat x Cat :)

MEAW..... this one is so shy and never comes out to show herself in front of people during the party.
Isn't she so pretty???? 

Here are the 2 other looks in the same kimono from the year 2015.
Click the link below each photo to see the blog post on the look.↓

(April, 2015)


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