Wednesday, March 8, 2017

::Pineapple & Scale::

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I went to take a peak at another antique kimono market last weekend.

Me playing around at the market...  :P

I found this pineapple kimono at an antique market a couple of years ago. It is really rare to find white based kimono like this with no stein. Lucky Me!

Scale obi to spice up the look.

The collar is my current favorite from Sumire Ishioka.

Love this European feel that this kimono has.
I took these photos with this bouquet because my friends came over to my place the day before and brought about 10 of them for me. Thanks, guys :)

I just wanted to save these beautiful flowers in photos. 

Total look. Good contrast between light yellow and black.

It was pretty warm during the day but still gets chilly after sunset.
So I was wearing C.H.O.C.O x agris jacket.

photos taken by the designer, CHOKO  :)

CHOKO's new kimonos!
This style is available in two colors.
Beautiful! Cute cats and cat nip flowers are printed on this. 

Here are two other looks with the same pineapple kimono☆
Check them out↓

(Mar. 2015)

(May 2016)

A little piece of spring for all of you!

Thank you for reading.


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