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Friday, May 6, 2016


日本語ver. → こちら

On the first day of the Golden Week this year, I went to see my friend for the first time after we met at our mutual friend's wedding party two years ago. 
It was such a nice sunny day and made me wanna dress myself in happy colors.

Kimono with batik print.

Collaged obi with modern patterns and lace.

Hand-painted black collar.

The obi is 4 meter long. The center part looks like this in the photo above.
It shows different faces depending on which part you bring to the front when you tie it. 

To make the total look like dandelion, I brought the green lacey part to the front this time. 

Mish-mash tie as usual... but I twisted the obi many times to make it show various colors. 

Dandelion look!!

Here are the links to two different looks with the same kimono below. 
Check them out if you are interested :)

(March 2015)

(November 2015)

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