Thursday, March 23, 2017

::Shark Skin::

日本語ver. → こちら

Spring has come :) 
The weather was nice and it was warm enough to take off heavy coats during the day last weekend. Seems like cherry blossoms are gonna start blooming sometime this week in southern area of Japan. 

Last Sunday, we had a wonderful afternoon at a beautiful private salon called "Salone Fontana".

We had a lunch party with delicious Italian food and wines.

And my cousin, a violinist, gave us a great performance. 
I wrote about the party on my other blog HERE(in JPN)

For this occasion, I chose one of my simplest kimono, Edo-Komon. 
The kimono looks so plain from a distance like in the above photo, but it actually has really small pattern dyed like this↓

This pattern is dyed with a pattern paper cut-out by hand.
This version is called "Same Komon" because the pattern looks like shark (="same" in Japanese) skin.

The base color is deep pink but these tiny white dots make it lighter like cherry blossom pink when it is seen from a distance.

And I picked this arabesque obi in beige.

Closer look of my waist.

I love the color of lining which spices up the whole look.

The bag is from Nine West.

I wore the same kimono for a family lunch party at Peninsula Tokyo a couple of years ago. Click the link for details↓

(Apr. 2015)

The other look with the same obi for the New Years↓

Gotta plan cherry blossom viewings next week!

Thank you for reading.


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