Thursday, January 7, 2016

::First Look 2016::

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My very first look in kimono in the year 2016.
I brought three obis from my wardrobe to my parents house with me and chose a perfect kimono from my mother's closet for one of them.

A photo taken before heading to the shrine on the New Year's day.
Lucky was getting sick of me trying to hold him so many times. 

The kimono I picked from my mother's closet.
Beautiful multiple colors woven into the fabric.

The obi that I recently purchased :)

Purple and blue accents added to the warm orange/pink colors.

It snowed a little bit the night before.

Me getting a fortune telling sheet from the shrine.

Because it is more humid in Tokyo than in my hometown, most of my mother's kimonos are better to be kept at my parents house. (The humidity is the worst enemy for authentic silk fabric.)
So there is not many chances that I can wear the ones in her closet.

I like wearing the kimono that was made for my mother because my family loves seeing me walking in it.
Now.... what should I wear for the annual New Year lunch with my family next weekend?

Thank you for reading.