Thursday, March 2, 2017

::Matsuri Cat::

日本語ver. → こちら

February 22nd is the cat day in Japan. But I missed a chance to wear my cat obi on that day.

Last weekend, they were having an antique kimono market at Omotesando, so I went to take a peak into it in kimono.

I tied the obijime like a headband for this poker-faced cat. It looks like "hachimaki" the towels that guys wear around their heads at Japanese festivals ("matsuri").

I wore this kimono twice before but both times were during holiday season because of the colors.
Thought it would match my new collar that I wore for my previous look.



Cat tie :)
I was walking down the street in Omotesando and felt some people taking photos of the cat on my back. hahaha

Cube bag by Sophie Hulme.

Galaxy zouri I ordered.

When I got to the market, it was already about 15 mins before the closing time.
So I didn't try on or get anything this time.... I should've got there earlier....

But 15 mins of treasure hunting were fun :)

Here is my cat day look from last year.↓

(Feb. 2016)

and the holiday look from 2015.↓

(Dec. 2015)


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