Thursday, February 23, 2017

::Color Splash::

日本語ver. → こちら

Almost forgot to share a beautiful little thing I got at Kimono Winter Shop last month.

Color splash collar designed by Sumire Ishioka, the designer of tweed kimonos.

Midnight sewing session on my bed.....
The collar is kind of hard to handle since it is stretchy... 

Tada! Isn't this beautiful? 
With this collar I wore....

Deep navy blue kimono paired with

Lacey collage obi.

Mish-mash tie.

Bag : Alexander Wang

This collar definitely becomes a statement when paired with simple kimono like this. 
I'm so in love with it!

Since this is made of roughly woven lace, this must go well with summer kimono or yukata, too. 


Here are 2 other looks I did before with the same kimono↓

(Nov. 2014)

(Mar. 2016)

Thank you for reading.


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