Tuesday, June 28, 2016

::African Festival::

日本語 ver. → こちら

Just a super ordinary Sunday. 
After a dance practice with my friends in the morning, I headed to Yoyogi park to see if there was some festival going on there. (Usually they have some event / festival / flea market on every weekend. )
I found out they were having the antique market and African festival last weekend.

It was not as crowded as Thai festival which is so crazy with lots of people every year.

Found some funny items they sell on the street.

Cute shiba.

Hot dog truck.

When I got there, they were having a dance show on the main stage.

African food with beer, anyone?

Wall art.

It was such a beautiful sunny day during this rainy season.
Instead of African food, I was craving for something spicy....

Mexican food!!!
Spicy beef burrito with beer. Perfect :)

And.... this is nothing to do with the African fes but I just learned the recipe of delicious granola salad from my friend last week.
This salad will be my obsession for a while! 

Thank you for reading.


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