Wednesday, June 15, 2016


日本語ver. → こちら

Rainy season is here. I looooove wearing kimono but this humid weather during rainy season makes me wanna choose a summer dresss to put on rather than kimono.

But we have kimono that we can wear only this time of a year.

My hitoe kimono with rectangle motif.
They look like smartphones!!

I didn't have any plan for this day so went for a super casual look with this sparkly obi.

"Jungle and bees"
imagining the striped obiage as bees and 

with the jungle summer collar as wild forest.


Like the way lime-yellow is showing?

The bag is by Sophie Hulme.
Small bags go great with any kimono looks.


I have another hitoe kimono but the weather is getting too hot and humid for me to wear it now. I will come back to "hitoe " maybe in September :)

Here is the digital look I did almost a year ago↓

I went to have lunch with my friend and ended up drinking too much alcohol until 11pm on that day. That was such a fun day!

Thank you for reading.


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