Wednesday, May 24, 2017

::Zebra Red::

日本語ver. → こちら

Last weekend was so hot as summer already! 
By the river close to my place, people were having BBQ parties and that smell made me so hungry when I walked out. I need to do some BBQ with my friends too!

One of my favorite modern kimono designers, Rumi Rock was having a temporary shop opened at Isetan Shinjuku. Last Saturday, they were giving a demonstration of how to tie their obi (Heko obi, which is shown in the photo below). 

I own one of their heko obi in gold and silver and wear it so many times since I bought it. 

Also wore it for the photoshoot we had this month. 
I love it because it is so light and really easy to style. 

The designer Rumi Shibasaki herself gave us the demo. 

It was a good opportunity to learn new styles with this obi. I'll have to try it during this summer.

For this day, I wore this spring kimono. 
Bathroom selfie at Isetan :)

I call it "smartphone kimono".

With the obi I recently got. 
Love the deep red color with zebra-like pattern.

Lip color matching the obi.

I usually wear zouris as seen in most of my other looks. But since the kimono is pretty casual, so I tried getas (wood sandals) this day.


Even in this spring kimono, it was too hot to stay cool outside. 
It is already time to wear a yukata??

Shopping time after the demo :)
Beautiful collars.

Glass accessories from yuminique.

and.... can't wait to receive my cool new thing in 2 month! hehehe

2 different looks with the smartphone kimono! ↓

(Jun. 2015)

(Jun. 2016)

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