Thursday, May 26, 2016

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It is getting so warm out and they say this summer is going to be veryyyy hot.
The photo shoot session with my friend was the last chance to wear my favorite antique kimono before Hitoe season comes.

*"hitoe" is the kimono without a lining which is usually worn in June and September.

It was such a nice sunny day as you can see.
There was no one cloud in the sky.
A bit too warm for "Awase" like this kimono already.

*"awase" is the kimono with a lining usually worn between Oct. and May.

This kimono may be the most favorite antique in my kimono closet right now.
But I've worn this one only for the new years.

Look at these beautifully embroidered flowers. 

For just a casual occasion, I paired it with this obi.


Douple messy buns.
For details, please click HERE to see the full article.

Shooting was so much fun. 
It was interesting to see how others capture each moment.

Silver Nails. I heard silver is this year's lucky color. Did you know that?

All of my nail lacquers are from OPI.
"My Silk Tie" inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey.
I bought these when I visited LA for the New Years.

Silver doesn't bother other colors of your clothes or accessories.

photo credit: Yoshiya Yamazaki

Thank you, Yoshiya, for taking beautiful photos and making me happy in full smile.

Here are other two looks with the same kimono for the New Years 2015.
Click the link below each photo to see the whole article on the look.

Yes, I covered my grandma's face with a cute kitty for her privacy :)
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