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Thursday, May 11, 2017

::Kimono Bijin Squad::

日本語ver. → こちら

ANJI of SALZ Tokyo organized a fun photoshoot for Kimono Media "KIMONO BIJIN" last weekend. 
(Bijin = Japanese word for "beauty")

I was so excited to join them and meet these beautiful kimono girls! 

Everyone has a unique style :) 

A friend of mine from KIMONO BIJIN took all the great photos and was also in kimono :)

We had different styles from the traditional

to modern and street pop style.

Kimono influencer and stylist.
Instagram : @salztokyo

☆Etsuyo Emerald☆
a singer, an artist and a Universal International Official YouTuber.
Styling by Anji.

Instagram : @ets

She looked amazing in this sweet look with a hat and lacey gloves.

Shirt layer under kimono with a bow tie. She also wore booties instead of zouris.

Romantic look with lacey hems she sawed herself.

Two girls were in traditional sophisticated looks.
Cutieeees ♡

All of us looking at carps and turtles swimming in the pond.

We walked so much to find photo locations in Shibuya and Harajuku.
9 girls in kimonos were definitely catching eyes of everybody around us and asked for photos taken by some tourists. 


So many great shots!!!!
Can't choose which ones to share here!!!

We also had short movies taken as well. 
I'll share them on my SNS accounts when they are up on KIMONO BIJIN website! 


photos above by KIMONO BIJIN

I definitely loved meeting them and getting know each other through this photoshoot.
Thank you for letting me join!

The kimono media "KIMONO BIJIN" is currently available only in Japanese, but English version is under construction now.
I will inform you either here or on my SNS accounts when it is launched.
It is so exciting that every Kimono Lover in the world will be able to communicate with each other!



Next post will be up with details of my look!

Thank you for reading.


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