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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

::cultural mix::

日本語ver. → こちら

The first week of May is a vacation week with 4 national holidays in Japan, which is called Golden Week. So there are some fun events everywhere during this week. 

Japaran, a Japanese brand a friend of mine produces is having a little "pop-up" store at Marui Shinjuku from April 27th to May 10th. I went to visit them last weekend :)

CEO and producer of Japaran.

I wrote about this brand on my blog of my day at a fashion exhibition "rooms 34" a couple of months ago. Please go check it out HERE if you are interested.

Their new collection of headbands which are made with Japanese denim /  kimono silk and African chitenge from Uganda.
Since I chopped my hair to lob length recently, I was looking for some items to help me style my hair more easily.

I was debating which one of these styles I should get... 
Since we have warm and humid weather of summer here, I chose the one that I can easily take care of... a combination of denim and chitenge.

So yes, I got this one.
As you all might know, I love geometric patterns. This one was the first that caught my eyes.

Next day, I had some appointment at a kimono salon so decided to wear a kimono with my brand new headband.

The kimono with some antique pattern to match the headband.

Lacey obi and jungle collar by CHOKO.

In stead of obi-age, I used a huge silk scarf by vonschwanenflügelpupke

A photo taken at Japaran pop-up shop with one of their clutch bags.

If you have some obis that you don't use, they can make them into an original clutch bag.

Go check it out if you are in Tokyo during this period!

:P :P :P

It was such a nice day and I got sweaty walking around outside.
I love the weather of May :) 

Other 2 looks with the same kimono↓

(Dec. 2015)

(Apr. 2015)

Thank you for reading.


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