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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

::Bags for Kimono::

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Choosing the right bag to carry makes your kimono look so much different.
There are bags which are made to match kimonos but they look good only with kimono. (in my opinion.)

So when I started wearing kimono for just ordinary days, I looked for bags which look good with kimono and I would also carry when I'm not in kimono.

Nov. 2014

Knitted clutch bag by and A

Mar. 2015

Jun. 2016

Square box bag by Sophie Hulme

May 2015

Whiting & Davis beaded clutch

Jan. 2015

Oct. 2015

YEAH. box bag by Angel Jackson

Fake Snake Clutch by NINE WEST

Dec. 2014

Baby Sac du Jour by Saint Laurent

Sep. 2015

Woodshell Clutch by Cal

Pelican Snake Clutch by Alexander Wang

Small bags like these match perfectly with your kimono look! 

Thank you for reading.


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