Wednesday, July 20, 2016

::Summer Shop::

日本語ver. → こちら

KIMONO SUMMER SHOP again this summer! 
I had been looking forward to seeing new looks created by my favorite designers.

Here are some kimonos I got to try on.

"Bird of Paradise"  in olive.

Amazing pattern which has both modern and retro feel to it.
The matching obi was also so beautiful!

:) :) :)

Celtic yukata in new color! by Roccoya

They made this cute yukata in sweet pink and white last year. 
I also love this spicy look in black!

Aquarium yukata by Umeya

Playful pattern with animals from the sea.

Wander a Jungle in Light by CHOKO

Pity.... that this kimono is not going to be available till next spring....Darnn.....!

I haven't got any chance to wear yukata or summer kimono this summer yet... but trying on these beautiful creations definitely made me wanna put on some of my favorite summer kimonos before summer is over!

On the other day, I dropped by Double Standard Clothing and got their autumn lookbook.
The weather is truly too hot to think about warm clothes but next season is definitely coming.

Got some fashion inspiration with good food....

And here are a few things I picked up from summer sale.

Flat sandals by Fabio Rusconi.

New pair of B-San (flip flop) 
and a piece of glassed art by Susan Wickstrand.

My favorite Hawaiian artist!
Not many glassed pieces by her are found at stores here in Japan, but I found this cute "Honu Love" piece at Greenroom Gallery!

And... new white shoes by NIKE for our big dance day!

Ready to enjoy the rest of SUMMER :)

Thank you for reading.


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