Tuesday, August 9, 2016


日本語ver. → こちら

During this super humid and hot summer in Tokyo, I haven't got an urge to wear kimono just for an ordinary day. 
Last weekend, my friends, Tai & Miki, had their 1st wedding anniversary party at Westin Tokyo where they met. As I promised with them, I wanted to join and celebrate their beautiful day in kimono.

At the gorgeous staircase of Westin Tokyo.
Both Tai and Miki used to work at this beautiful hotel and that's how they met.

Their lovely portrait made with tiny photos of them.

About 130? 150 people were there to celebrate, but only Tai's mother and I were in kimono.
Here is what I wore.

Summer Omeshi with diamond motif.

(FYI: Omeshi is actually not suitable for formal occasion. But the host wanted to make the party casual and comfortable for every guest so I chose this one.)

Summer obi with Chinese bellflowers.

With lilies on my new sunshade.

The party was so much fun and heartwarming.
Thank you Tai and Miki for the great time and CONGRATULATIONS :)

Thank you for reading.


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