Wednesday, March 23, 2016

::Dizzy Blue::

日本語ver → こちら

Finally cherry blossoms started to bloom! It is about a week earlier than last year because this winter was warmer than usual.
A friend of mine invited me to go to the NACT (The National Art Center Tokyo) in Roppongi to see Issey Miyake's exhibition. He also wears kimono on daily basis and it was such a nice day out, so we both went there in kimono.

photo credit : Nobu

It was my first visit to the NACT and the building was so beautiful!!

Navy Blue Tiger Kimono :)

paired with this new obi with checkered pattern in silver/grey.

Hand drawn collar in black.
I love these vivid colors.

"Dizzy" scarf in between the kimono and the obi.

To look more suited for the museum visit, I tied the obi in the most basic way this time.
This tie is called "Otaiko".

The weather was warm enough not to wear a fluffy shawl.

Here are two different looks with the same kimono from my archives :)
Click the link below each photo to see the entire post.↓

My very first trip to Kyoto.
(Nov. 2014)

(Nov. 2015)

The exhibition was so amazing. The works of Issey Miyake are always unique and eye catching.
But at the same time, his creations show historical background. He uses many kinds of textiles that have been made and used for a long time in Japan as well.
There were a lot to learn from the exhibition. 

We walked to Roppongi hills and found beautiful peach blossoms in bloom.
Spring is finally here.

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