Monday, November 9, 2015

::European Yellow::

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Whenever I have time to spare, I love to spend the time thinking about various possible kimono looks out of my wardrobe.
I didn't have much to do last Saturday, so I decided to walk around the city in a kimono with European style pattern.

I call this kimono "pineapple kimono",
cause some parts of this pattern look like pineapples.

I wore the same kimono paring with a different obi in last March.
The post about the look is HERE

This time, I paired it with this obi.

The total look from behind.

I was going to shop around in Omotesando area but unfortunately, it started raining on the way there. And I wasn't carrying an umbrella....
So changed the plan and went to see the new Christmas lights inside Omotesando Hills and dropped by a cafe to have some coffee before going back home.

Wish the weather was nicer but I definitely was refreshed by wearing a kimono.

Thank you for reading.