Thursday, August 13, 2015


日本語ver. HERE

Beauty of Japanese indirect lighting.
They were having this amazing lighting exhibition called "Wa-no-Akari" at Meguro Gajoen until last weekend.
"Wa-no-Akari" translates to "Japanese lighting".

There are stairs called "Hyakudan-Kaidan" in the site and 7 traditional banquet rooms along the stairs. Each room had a different theme of lighting.

This is a miniature lighting of Nebuta festival which takes place in Aomori Prefecture.

Japanese wind chimes.

Lighting which is made with Washi (Japanese paper).

Cherry blossoms.

This one was my favorite :)

All the art pieces were awesome but the building itself was also so beautiful with sculptures and paintings. 

The whole exhibition was calm and relaxing. 

Thank you for reading.