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Monday, August 24, 2015

::Moroccan Party::

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I had a wonderful time with my friends last Saturday. 
They came over to my place to see the fireworks by the river, and we had a little party with delicious Moroccan food that I made. 
I just bought a recipe book a day before and wanted to try some dishes on it! 

Here are what I made for that night :)

Hummus = Moroccan chickpea paste for appetizer.
I think my friends liked this one the most!

Moroccan omelette.
Super easy! Just took like 5 mins to make it.

And chicken tagine. 
I just fell in love with the aroma of coriander and cumin powder. 

Pumpkin cake and....

Italian affogato for dessert :)

I'm so glad they liked it!
Cooking for somebody is a great thing!

We also enjoyed the beautiful fireworks show this close after dinner.
It was such a fun night chatting and eating with some of my great friends!

Thank you all for coming over to spend a great night with me!