Friday, May 22, 2015


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After enjoying the dream park with full of wisteria, we drove to Mashiko city to visit the pottery market. 

The full article about Ashikaga Flower Park, → HERE

Mashiko is famous for their local tableware, Mashiko-Yaki. (Yaki = to bake in Japanese).
On the golden week last year, we went to Kasama city which is very close to Mashiko and also famous for their local tableware, Kasama-Yaki. Take a look HERE to see the article about it.

There are some pottery studios where you can join a workshop.
I made two little rice bowls and a wine cup last year in Kasama, and it was so much fun!

This time, I tried to make some big plates and bowls for salad or stewed dish. 
Compared to little mugs and rice bowls, it was really difficult to make big ones.
I had to have the instructors help me shape.

I chose the big bowl on the left and the second one from the right.

They will bake and finish them for me. I can't wait to have them delivered at my door next month.

After the workshop, we walked around the pottery market to find some table ware for my home.

Some of them are discounted!

Huge raccoon statue was in the middle of the market.

These are the ones I got from the market.

Aren't these coffee cups cute?? I love the color.

Good tableware makes me wanna cook more at home.

Thank you for reading.