Monday, May 12, 2014

::Pottery Festival::

My first time at a Pottery Festival called "Himatsuri" in Kasama, Ibaraki.
We took a long drive from Tokyo.
I heard about 100,000 people come to this event every year.
Kasama is famous for local eathenware called "Kasama-yaki".
More than 100 pottery artists around this area all gather and make a huge market in a park.

I love this beautiful blue and moroccan taste

My favorite artist that I found this day.

We also tried making own pieces.
It was my first time of using a wheel.

I made two rice bowls

and a little glass for wine.
They will send us the finished ones in July.
I can't wait to see my own creations :)

Since Mother's Day was coming up,
I bought a pair of these mugs for my parents.
They looooove cats and I'm pretty sure they will like this laziness :P

I didn't buy anything else this time,
but I definitely became more interested in pottery and tableware.

Thanks for reading.