Monday, May 4, 2015

::Fish Market::

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On the way back from Hitachi Seaside Park, we dropped by a fish market in Ibaraki to have tasty fish for late lunch. It was only a half hour drive from the park.

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Sorry for those who don't like raw fish. But yes, this is what you find at fish markets in Japan.

Cod roes. They are great with rice!

Squids being sun-dried. 

And... my favorite fish dish! simmered red bream.
Freshly cooked and it was so good.

Another favorite dish, baked prawns. mmmm Yum!

More fishes being sun-dried.

After having a fishy lunch, we dropped by a parking area on the highway and found these cute Japanese snack, called Ichigo-Daifuku. Ichigo is a Japanese word for strawberries. They are rice cakes with strawberries and sweet red beams inside.

We got one with sweet red beans and another one with green tea flavored sweet beans. Actually I wasn't a big fan of Ichigo-Daifuku because the ones I've had had really sour strawberries inside. But these strawberries were ripe and sweet! I really liked these Ichigo-Daifukus!

It was a nice Saturday with good food.  :)

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