Monday, April 27, 2015

::Colors of Nature::

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Tulips are in full bloom here in Japan now.
We drove over to Ibaraki prefecture which is about 1-2 hours north-east from Tokyo.
Hitachi Seaside Park is run by the government.
You can go see flowers of the season through a year for only 410 yen.

I had no idea there are so many different kinds of tulips!

They are just so beautiful.
Just looking at them raises my spirit.

These unique ones are tulips as well.

After walking through this tulip garden,
another beautiful scenery of blue carpet on a hill appears.

It was breathtakingly gorgeous!

These cute blue flowers are called nemophila.

Panoramic photo taken by my iPhone :)
When you reach the top of the hill, you can see the ocean on the other side.
It is definitely better seen through your eyes than through these photo.

They have a little cafe in the woods.
It was nice taking a walk through the beautiful nature.

I would totally recommend this place for your Golden Week plans :)
(*GW is one of our holidays we have at the beginning of May in Japan.)

Thank you for reading!