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Friday, March 27, 2015

::Steak Dinner::

At the change of seasons, our bodies need more energy to adjust to the temperature change.
We need some meat to overcome it!
So one night, we decided to have a dinner full in energy at Outback steak house in Shibuya.

Soft honey bread is served to every table :)

Caesar salad with spicy shrimps.
These grilled shrimps were yummy!

Soup of the day: pumpkin cream soup

Angus ribeye steak
Deeeeeeeelicious! It was so soft and the flavor was solid :)

And everytime I come here or other American diner, 
I just can't help ordering this cocktail.
Strawberry Daiquiri :) 
I know this is high in calories and not healthy at all,
but I just love it!

On the other day, we went to see a movie "Into The Woods" in a mall.

We just can't see a movie without this huge cup of popcorn.
yep... me trying to get a selfie again.

After a movie, I had salmon cream fettuccine for dinner.

It was such a warm day, so I wore my Stewart Weitzman stilettos!

<jeans> DIESEL
<bag> Saint Laurent

Spring spring!!

Warm weather makes me happy to go out!

Thank you for reading.