Monday, March 9, 2015


I found another beautiful restaurant in Shinjuku.
茶々白雨 (Chacha-Yuudach), 
Japanese restaurant where they serve traditional cuisine of Kyoto.

We were seated in front of this.

They have several seats with partitions where you can have a private space.

Recommendation of the season

Appetizer with sparkling wine.

A plate of Obanzai.
Obanzai is casual home-cooking which is usually served cold.
I had some of these when I went to Kyoto last fall here.

Fried potatoes and tiny fishes.

Baked eggplant with miso paste.

Salad with raw fish and fresh onion.

Traditional pickles.

Baked rice balls and miso soup at the end of dinner.
Everything was soooo good
and I just want to come back here to try other things on their menu.

The entire space in the restaurant was decorated so beautifully
that every girl would fall in love with it.

Thank you for reading!