Monday, March 23, 2015


On the day I wore the pineapple kimono, 
we went out to have sukiyaki for dinner in Ginza area.
If you don't have any idea what sukiyaki is, find out HERE on wikipedia.
Though it is one of famous Japanese dishes, I don't get to eat it so often.
Maybe only when I visit my grandmother in Hyogo pref???

I was a little bit excited to have it this day, 
but before that, we decided to drop by Aoyama farmers market at UN university.

For details on this kimono look, click HERE and take a look.

It was actually my first time to visit this farmers market.
There are also antique shops selling lots of interesting silverware, jewelry, etc....
These knives.... I hope they aren't made of real things, to be honest.

It was windy and a bit cold this day, 
so we bought some hot wine with honey and got ourselves warmed up.

A little kid was welcoming us in front of a bakery booth.

Okay, now it's dinner time!
Let's start with appetizers.

Grilled turban shell.

Sesame tofu.

Marinated scallop and cucumber.

And then, SUKIYAKI :)

They cooked it at our table.
It was nicely stewed with sweet soy sauce based soup.
Since I was wearing a kimono and my stomach was tightened by obi,
it didn't take much until I get so full!

It's so good with beaten eggs.

Dessert was served at the end but we couldn't finish it all...

Sukiyaki is actually easy to cook if you have thinly sliced beef and soy sauce.
Better get really good meat though!

Thank you for reading.