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Monday, March 16, 2015

::A Little Piece of Spring::

The weather is getting warmer and it is getting more exciting for me to go out on weekends. 
We had two-hour drive from Tokyo to Yugawara area to look for a little piece of spring.
Yugawara is known for the beautiful scenery of nature and hot springs.

After about 10 mins walk in woods, 
we got to the foot bath park called "Doppo-no-Yu".
They have 9 baths filled with different types of hot springs.

Massaging my feet in a jacuzzi bath :) 

We just spent about an hour feeling cozy and relaxed.

After getting a foot massage, 
we took a drive over to a restaurant nearby to have some local specialties.
This area is famous for great stewed red bream,
and it is my favorite!

Everything was so good!

From mid February to mid March, 
plum blossoms are in bloom.
Plum blossoms are the first piece of spring that we can find.
There are so many plum trees in various colors here.

Me desperately trying to get a selfie with them. 
It was actually my first time to see so many blossoms at once like this.
It smelt really nice and made me feel the spring is almost here.

We found daffodils, too :)

What I love about living in Japan is that we can feel the change of seasons
by admiring different flowers.
Think this is one of the beauties of Japanese culture.

Can't wait to see cherry blossoms around the end of this month!

Thank you for reading.