Thursday, June 8, 2017

::From the Sea::

日本語ver. → こちら

Rainy season has come.
Before it will be harder to find a chance to wear a kimono in this season, I had some great photos taken in my summer kimono made with cotton and linen.

I wasn't expecting this look to be romantic, but the location made it look like I just came out of the sea and wandered in woods like in some fairy tale.

This look is made with everything that I love so much.!!!
The kimono from Roccoya.

CHOKO's collaged obi.

The new collar I got from Rumi Rock the other day.

A butterfly :)

Another scarf from vonschwanenflügelpupke in light blue.

More butterflies with CHOKO x agris head dress for more romantic feel.

Spacey zouris.

Clutch from NINE WEST.

I was caught getting my ig story shot 

And this is the photo I took. lol
Kinda felt like I was in some subtropical place. 

photos by Hiroaki Saito

Here are two other looks with the same kimono worn as a yukata☆↓

(Aug. 2015)

☆Rain Forest☆
(Jul. 2015)

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