Wednesday, June 14, 2017

::Lob Sideswept::

日本語ver. → こちら

Asymmetrical hairdo with lob length hair.
When I wear a kimono, I want my hair away from the nape of my neck to show some skin. For casual occasions, I just simply let my hair swept to one side with hair pins. 

For my previous look for a photoshoot, I did this hair style.

After curling my entire hair with a straight / curling iron, I brought my hair on the right side by twisting small sections into one twist like the image above and pin the twist by using as many pins as needed. 
*blue dots = pins

The other day, I went to see my friends' new baby.

I wore a hat with the same hair style. 

Tee :  Somedays Lovin
Hat : moussy
Heels : ASH
Bag :  de couture

Lob updo with/without a headband↓

(May 2017)

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