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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


日本語ver. → こちら

On the beautiful sunny day, I went to see Latin Salsa festival at Yoyogi park. 
In every spring and summer, they have some kind of festival there almost every weekend, such as Thai festival, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Indian, etc...
And last weekend was Latin & Salsa.

I remembered one area of the park was filled with so many fun people dancing salsa along live music. 

I wasn't gonna dance at all, but to add some festive feel there I chose one of my flashy yukatas. 

Yukata made with African batik with Kaleidoscope-like pattern. 
I love this color so much. 

The season is still a bit too early for yukata, so I added one layer underneath to wear it as a kimono. 

Sewing before dressing.

Not supposed to be worn without tabi (socks) but let's forget the rule in the heat.

And the festival was so fun but I forgot to take any photos there....!
It was fun looking at people smiling and dancing to Latin music. 
I would've danced in this look if my friends were there with me.... oh well...

After passing through the park, I dropped by one of my favorite Singapore Laksa places in Harajuku. They have really tasty laksa and I like adding some spicy paste in it. 

Shopping around for surf equipment in yukata.... lol
Maybe time to get myself a board or a wetsuit?

I really wanna try surfing at different places this year. 

It was just an ordinary weekend strolling in my flashy yukata and the weather made me feel so nice.
I wanna wear it as a yukata next time during this season!

Here are two other looks with the same yukata from 2 years ago↓

(Jul. 2015)

(Aug. 2015)

Thank you for reading!


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