Wednesday, April 19, 2017

::Ready for Rain::

日本語ver. → こちら

Hi :) It's been almost a month since I wore a kimono last. 

Seems like kimono day at least once in two weeks is required to keep my balance.
As I keep myself busy for other things everyday, sometimes it is hard to find enough time to go out in kimono. 
I had a meeting in the morning last Saturday, but I encouraged myself to get up early like 6 am and threw on a kimono.

Me at a train station with my morning starbucks.

And yes, I made some time to shoot the look as well. haha

The weather forecast was saying it was going to rain hard in the afternoon so I chose this kimono made with polyester fabric. 

btw I had my hair chopped last month.
First bob look in 10 years! woo hoo!

Splash collar by Sumire Ishioka.

Mishmash tie.

To be ready for pouring rain, I wore booties instead of zouris.

I left my place 9 am and came home around 9 pm...
and guess what....

It never rained that day!!
The weather was actually nice and warm.
I'd chosen a different kimono if I knew.

Two different looks with the same kimono☆↓

(Dec. 2016)

(Jan. 2017)

Need some different kimonos I can choose to wear on rainy days!

Thank you for reading.


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