Monday, February 20, 2017


日本語ver. → こちら

Here is my very first experience at a fashion exhibition, Rooms34
I have a friend who's been producing a Japanese bag brand and she invited me to see their booth.

This time, they had a little place called "rooms market" where you can buy some items or eat and drink some coffee.
There was a little space like a sunroom of my dream :) I wanna have something like this in the future .

The whole exhibit area was huge. 
I spotted my friend's booth from above but the route was only one way and it took about 30 mins to get there. 

Found some cute items though :)

They make original textiles for Men's kimono.
Girls kimonos can be made for orders as well. They don't use Japanese traditional patterns so their style is more popular among foreigners. 

I saw many brands with African batik textiles.

Japanese traditional tableware with modern feelings. 
These sake cups are cute :)

Kimonos by Junko Koshino

Look at these cute marking pins!
They are so tiny! 

and.... My friend's brand "Japaran".
They mainly make clutch bags with the old obis that are no longer used. 
As I collect antique and second-hand kimonos, I see many of these old fukuro obis for really cheap prices online. But these obis are usually worn only for formal occasions so there is not much demand for them. I love their concept of "Mottainai" and how they make these beautiful fabrics alive again in the modern style.

Head dresses and bow-ties are cute too :)

Love the fringes!

With the director and producer of Japaran.
Congratulations on making all this happen! 

Follow their Instagram for more info!

It was such a great experience!
Thank you for inviting me. 

Thank you for reading.


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