Wednesday, February 8, 2017


日本語ver. → こちら

The first weekend of February.
It was such a nice day and warm enough to feel a little piece of spring. 

Nothing was planned on last Saturday, but I went to take a peak into the little kimono shop opened only for last weekend.

The venue was a glass art gallery, called G.GLASS.

I wore......

This antique kimono with fern leaves which look like feather.

and this casual obi in silver and gold to match the colors of fern leaves. 

Collar and shoes in matching pink.

With a big ribbon on my back.

Purple leopard peaking from the obi.

Roccoya makes beautiful plain fabrics with woven pattern of damask in various colors.


Also I've been so tempted by sexy kimono lingerie by Wafure.

Beauty sandwich♡
Thank you for letting me hang around for a long time!

Love the accent of cherry blossom pink :)

Another look with the same kimono↓

(May. 2016)

Thank you for reading.


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