Monday, January 4, 2016

::Welcoming the Year 2016::

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A Happy New Year 2016!
Hope all of you had a wonderful moment welcoming the New Year in.
I spent four nights at my parents house in a super relaxed mood. 
Here is how my lazy New Years went.

I wore my mother's kimono for the first day of 2016.
I will come back to the total look on the next post.

In Japan, we send New Year greeting cards to each other instead of Christmas cards. But the tradition seems to be dying out due to the development of other communication tools.
So I just made this greeting photo instead :)

Hatsu-moude, the first visit to a shrine in the year.
This shrine is the one my family visits for every special occasion.

Me getting a fortune telling sheet.
What was written on it is my secret :)

Daruma dolls (description on Wiki)

Osechi (Wiki)

Every time I spend the New Years at my parents house, all I do is eating and drinking!

Pretty souvenir from my friend in Kyoto.
My mother made some tea for me :)

On Jan. 2nd, my parents and I went to the cafe which has been there as it is now from the time when they were in University.
The warm atmosphere was so comforting and I was happy to see a little piece of their history that's left there.

Apple tarte and coffee.

Mother and daughter.

and...... MORE FOOD!!!!!
Hot pot with crabs.

South African wine my mother got as a Christmas gift.
"IMBUKO" means "admiration".
It was so delicious!!

And one thing that I love about spending time at home is that I get to play with these little monsters.

Lucky, 5 months old :)
Curious little monster.

Loves to climb up to somebody's shoulders to observe the world.

Still hasn't got along with the little one. 
She's always upset for being chased by Lucky who just wants to play with her.

Lucky waiting in the box for Miyako to pass by.... Cute little hunter.

It was nice spending lazy days with my family.

How was your New Years?

My total kimono look for the New Year's day is coming up on the next post!

Thank you for reading.