Thursday, January 28, 2016

::Cooking Fun::

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Okay, before getting onto the main subject.....


(Guess she was thinking "what are you looking at?")


I just miss them so much!! 
Can't wait to see them next month.

So.... recently I started learning some new dishes at my friend's apartment.
She's a great cook and I love everything that she makes.

Last month, we cooked stir-fried spicy pork on rice, my favorite Thai dish.

Also made steamed veggies and sauce to come with them.

Valentine's Day is coming up next month, so the desserts were all made with chocolate!! 
(since girls send some chocolate gifts to guys on Valentine's Day in Japan.)

Creamy soft chocolate bites.

Super easy Gateau Chocolat.

Everything was so delicious and it was nice sharing time with some new friends who came over for the cooking lesson. 

On just one ordinary day, I cooked myself a dinner after coming back from work.

Simmered chicken with carrot.

Pumpkin salad :)

Chiffon cake!!!
I was really bad at making this kind of cake for some reason, but I finally managed to make the perfect one!
I will try different versions with green tea, British tea, cocoa etc... this year.

It was even better with maple syrup!

At my friend's apartment, this handsome guy always joins us while we cook.

Yep... he wasn't in a good mood when this pic was taken.

Isn't he so handsome?

Thank you for reading.


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