Monday, October 19, 2015

::Autumn of Good Food::

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Autumn of Good Food and Big Appetite!
I've been eating so much yummy food recently and didn't have a chance to share them here.
So here is my latest food diary.

On the first weekend of  this month, my mother and I joined a cooking lesson.
We had a Halloween themed menu that day.

Rice casserole.

Japanese style pickles.

Halloween rolled cake with pumpkin cream.

And a few days after that, I had a wonderful lunch with my bestie, Chii.

She recently came back here from Portland after studying at college for a year.
She went to the same school as mine.

Vietnamese restaurant with Halloween decoration.


Last weekend, I met up with another friend of mine who also went to the same school in Portland.
There is one of my favorite Japanese style restaurants in Shibuya, and we had traditional style lunch plates.

"Suju Dining"
They use miso paste from where I grew up.

Here you can have as much rice and miso soup as you like.
For nice and healthy lunch, this place is the best to go to.

Thank you for reading.