Friday, November 14, 2014

::Tasty Weekend::

Last Sunday with my favorite couple was awesome.
They invited me to barbecue lunch in Azabujuban.
We had a fun chat and shopping around at Roppongi hills afterwards.

Trench & Tee :: Loveless
Shorts :: MET denim
Scarf :: Balenciaga
Bag :: de couture

first time wearing this scarf :)

When we walked towards Roppongi hills,
there was a temporary store of Palletas ice bars.
hmmmm..... who wouldn't stop in front of this colorful showcase?
I chose strawberry bar :)

They put some brown sugar on top and burn it after you buy one.
It was so good with sweet smell of freshly caramelized sugar.

The couple gave me a lovely gift from afternoon tea.
This mug has a cute message on the bottom :)

So cute!!!

Thank you so much, guys :)