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Friday, November 28, 2014

::Seasonal Dinner::

What I love about Japanese cuisine is that
you can enjoy the whole thing with your eyes, too.
Especially, the local cuisine in Kyoto, Kyo-ryori (京料理),
is beautiful like art.

Dinner on the first day started with local sake.
Prix-fixe menu at Kaji (京料理かじ)

I love Japanese persimmons :)


Sashimi (raw fish) with three different sauce.

Grilled pork and mushrooms with mushed nuts and miso.

Lily bulb tofu :)
The texture was lighter than normal tofu.

Stewed veggies and conger eel.

Sake ice-cream for me as dessert :) 
Because I was wearing kimono and obi was squeezing my stomach,
it was hard to breathe at the end of full course dinner.... :P

Dinner at a casual restaurant Kokoroya (ここら屋)on the second day.
I just found out there is a branch in Nakameguro, Tokyo. 
Glad to know!

They serve Obanzai, light Kyoto-style home cooking here.

stir fried lotus root.

stewed yellow tails and radish.

baked wheat starch with miso paste.
one of my favorites :)

Welsh onion with miso sauce.

yam and tofu with butter.

Saba sushi!!! 
This is one of the representative food in Kyoto.
I love the chunkiness of broiled mackerels on top.

Everything in Kyoto was so tasty :)
What I love about Kyoto cuisine is 
that it is more lightly flavored compared to that of Kanto region.

I definitely need to visit there again before long.
Maybe when the weather gets warmer in spring?

Kyoto is such a great city full of tasty food and historic beauty.
I'm in love with it already.