Friday, December 5, 2014


First Christmas decoration in this season :)
We went to KITTE, a shopping mall next to Tokyo station.

Tokyo station from the rooftop of KITTE.
I could see some luxurious restaurant inside of this building through those windows.

Panoramic view!!!
I didn't know this place looked this beautiful.

After looking at the beautiful city view,
we had nice dinner time :)

Roasted mushrooms with butter.


Beef cheeks.


They have a beautiful white Christmas tree in the middle of building.

Alice in the Wonderland themed tree.

The castle from FROZEN :)

Trees lit up around the station.
This area is really great for romantic occasion with your loved one.
You can definitely find a good place for Christmas dinner around here.

Have you decided what to do on your Christmas eve and the day after?
This place might be a good choice!