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Friday, December 12, 2014

::Kitty Love::

My brother's got a new kitty!
He's a main coon, 4 years old.
He looks much bigger than he actually is because of his long hair.
My brother named him Gin after the liqueur.
This makes his two kitties "Gin Rickey" , a cocktail.
I went to see them last weekend,
and Rickey seemed really happy to have a new friend at home.

Rickey got really bigger than I saw him last, but still a baby.
He always want to play with him, sooooo energetic!

Gin, on the other hand, is really gentle and calm.
Look at his beautiful yellow eyes :)

Rickey isn't scared at all to be held by strangers.

says....."Okay, this part is gonna be on the test tomorrow. Check."
He also helps my brother study.
(My brother studies at a vet. university.)

Selfie with this little handsome guy :)
They're just so cute whatever they do.

I'm jealous of my brother having a life with them.