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Monday, July 21, 2014

::My Brother's New Roommate::

First time at my brother's place!
He recently started living with a beautiful kitty, Ricky.
garrh! He is sooooo cute that I can't tell you how cute he actually is.

He's only 4 months old and curious about anything around him.
I was playing with him for a while but I'm the first one who got tired.....

When I was braiding my hair in front of a mirror, 
he jumped onto my butt and climbed all the way up to my shoulders.

My brother and I grew up with cats always at home.
They always give us hearts of loving and warm feelings.

When I next move to somewhere else, 
I will definitely choose a place where I can live with cats or dogs.
Thanks to my brother for letting me have a lovely time.