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Friday, July 25, 2014

::Hot Summer After a Storm::

At the beginning of this month, the biggest storm in past 50 years hit us.
The weather during this rainy season is unpredictable.
It irritates me before leaving home 
because I have to choose a pair of shoes which can survive a unexpected heavy rain.

The storm passed Tokyo during a night
and the weather was so great that it made me feel like summer is here.

Why not spending a day off outside in this nice weather?
We drove to Ueno park this time.

A little shrine in the park.

They have a large pond full of lotus leaves.
It seemed like flowers were not in bloom yet, 
but I saw a lot of these buds which look like peaches.  :)

You can't even see water inside the pond.
It looks like there is a huge farm in the middle of concrete city.

It was such a hot day.
I couldn't help craving for some cold beer.

This raspberry beer was interesting.....(I prefer normal beer...)

"Anmitsu", Japanese parfait with red beans.

Got some frensh fruits from the market close to the park.
I LOVE fruitfull summer.

This mangosteen was my first!
It kind of tastes like lychee, I think.
Peaches were sweet like heaven :)

Thank you for reading