Monday, July 14, 2014

::Happy Rainy Days::

This year's rainy season is long!
I'm already sick of rain actually.
But my recent purchase made rainy days happy!

Rubber-made sandals by Brazilian brand, Melissa.
Wedges tend to make your legs look thicker from behind.
But these heels are really thin and makes it look like you are not wearing wedges.

Straps make your feet stay even when you are all wet with heavy rain.
And nonetheless to say, I love the color of these heels.

Last Saturday was raining as expected,
so I went out with them on.

Greens looks even more fresh in rain.

My breakfast date was cancelled,
so changed the plan and went to Le Pain Quotidien.

Detox breakfast with fresh fruit.
Granola was soooo good :)

Until my lunch appointment, 
I had a nice reading time at T-site Daikanyama,
the bookstore where you can find almost any book at.

Thank you for reading