Tuesday, April 4, 2017

::choko x agris::

日本語ver. → こちら

Couldn't help twirling♡

It is a spring coat season :)
I put away all my thick winter coats in deep inside of my closet.

I wore this beautiful kimono jacket for LOOK No.2 for the photo session.
(LOOK No.1 is up on HERE)

When I got this jacket, it was in the middle of winter. It was perfect to wear over a kimono because it gets really warm inside with many layers underneath, but too thin to wear just as a spring coat like this.

Now the weather is just right. yay~~~ :)

Kimono Jacket :  CHOKO x agris
Dress : H&M
Heels : Tsuru by Mariko Oikawa
Earrings : H&M

It looks totally different when worn without kimono.

photo credit : Hiroaki Saito

Here are two of my kimono looks with the same jacket↓

(Dec. 2016)

(Jan. 2017)

Definitely need to wear it for Sakura viewings!

Thank you for reading.


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