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Thursday, November 3, 2016

::Citrus & Scales::

日本語ver. → こちら

For the kimono show at Kimono Salone last weekend, I wore my favorite kimono in vivid citrusy colors to match the feeling of Yasuo Aono's kimonos.

The show was amazing, nonetheless to say.
Details of the show is on my previous post HERE

Some of my friends thought I was dressed for Halloween... LOL
I felt not so uncomfortable walking on streets with Halloween people, though.

I found this scaled obi online for a really good price.
This obi is a little softer than other obis I have. It felt much easier to tie it.

Kimono & Obi : Antique / Secondhand
Haneri (collar) :  Ogasawara Michi
Obiage : kaonn
Obijime :  CHOKO
Zouri (shoes) : Otsuka Gofukuten

Thongs of these zouris are made with dyed deer skin.

photo by Sayumi at Kimono Bijin

Here are two different looks I wore in past.
Click the link below each photo for details :) ↓

(Mar. 2015)

(Mar. 2016)

The weather here in Tokyo feels like it's already winter... It's so cold!!!
Haven't let my coats and long boots out of my closet yet.... 
Be ready for cold season and stay warm★

Thank you for reading.


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