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Thursday, November 10, 2016

::Mood after Halloween::

日本語ver. → こちら

Feels like it is already winter! Where did autumn go?
I have some favorite tailored collar jackets to wear in autumn but missed a chance to wear them!

Leaves already started turning red in my hometown. Need to get some warm blankets out of my closet.

After the Halloween craziness, the cities are already in a holiday mood.

I miss warm weather....

But I still am taking surf lessons! Maybe this weekend is the last lesson before I will go back to the beach though..... It's too cold!!!

Window shopping day.


Fringe booties by Mollini

New black basic boots for daily use :)

Since my BOSE earphones broke, I was debating whether or not I will send it to the customer service to get new ones. When I went to the retail store, I found out these new wireless soundsport earphones were released at the end of last month and got these instead!
The sound is so great. I totally recommend these ones if you are looking for good wireless earphones. Also good for iPhone 7 owners since it doesn't have an earphone jack.

As the weather got a bit too cold to dive into the ocean, I decided to start Kaatsu training with my friends. Working hard for the next summer!!!

Although Kaatsu training does not require any change of eating habit, I've been trying to choose healthier food to get better results.

Pure Japanese food is the best eating habit!! 

And.... homemade Danish bread. yuuuuum :)

And just one thing that's missing is this fluffy cuteness!
Meaw... ♡

Stay warm and stay healthy!

Thank you for reading.


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