Thursday, August 18, 2016

::Traditional Wardrobe::

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Let me share some new things I got for my traditional wardrobe recently.
Beautiful things created by Japanese artisans!

For my friends' wedding party, I WAS going to attend it in kimono but didn't have any summer obi to match my summer kimono. 
A day before the party, I went to 4-5 kimono shops to find the right obi to pair with my diamond kimono, and this is the perfect bellflower obi I found!

The lemon yellow of this obi matched perfectly with the rose violet kimono.
Click HERE for the whole article on this look.

Another obi I found on internet on the other day.
This is for autumn and winter so I'm looking forward to wear this in a couple of months!

And another party kimono with this beautiful drawing!
I found this at an antique store in Omotesando and just fell in love with it. Can't wait to get a chance to wear this :)

Last week, I finally got a chance to wear a yukata for the night party at FLAME tokyo.

 Many of my friends came in their beautiful yukatas!

I was requested to wear my own yukata in mini-length with heels. 
So yes, I was there looking like this.

Yukata : Roccoya

Yukata itself is about 160 cm long but I just folded it all the way up to this length.

And I paired this obi with it.

I helped some of my friends dress themselves into yukata.
One of them was a guy and became a temporary drag-queen for fun.
I lent him my obi and yukata. Pity that I can't share the total look of him here. He looked so beautiful in kimono with the makeup done by a professional.

Here are my other looks in the same yukatas as above. 
You can see the total look by clicking each link below.↓

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